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Housing & Finance

What is the Most Convenient way for a Visitor to Carry Money?
If you're going to be in China for more than a month, set up a local bank account. It only takes a few minutes and you\'ll be able to use your account card anywhere in China without paying an exorbitant transfer fee! You also get a better rate on your dollar.

If you set up a Chinese account, it means that you'll be able to use your card in any ATM, and the cost is 2RMB per time, or free if you use your own bank's ATMs. There are no monthly charges for keeping a bank
account open, or fees for paying with debit card, which means it's cheaper than keeping
 using your overseas bank card to withdraw money.
Last Updated on Wednesday, 24 September 2008 12:17
FAQ About Buying Property in China

Do I need a Chinese name?
For a foreigner to purchase a new property or a second hand property in Beijing, the regulations and taxes are the same as for Chinese buyers. The foreign purchaser needs an authorized Chinese name (notarization). The cost will be RMB200. It is better to have several copies for a future usage. One additional copy is RMB10. The name on your property
license should contain your passport name as well as your Chinese name.

Last Updated on Monday, 16 March 2009 10:42
What is the Procedure to Purchase a new Property?
1) yourhome real estate - helps you in selecting a suitable property. We:

2) Pay a visit to the property.

3) Negotiate the price and payment issues.

4) Study the sale and purchase contract.

5) Consult the appointed lawyer for the safe title transaction.
Last Updated on Wednesday, 24 September 2008 09:20
Advice for Buying Property in China
While the house was constructed without any major problems, you had an advantage. Specifically, we have a family friend who owns the real estate company, therefore, small problems we encountered were easily fixed. I assume most expatriates do not have this luxury.

One, don’t invest in forward delivery housing - buying property before it’s finished or even begun to be built - the price may be a little cheaper, but the risk is much higher.
No one wanted to help and everyone started finger-pointing. Luckily, labor is cheap in China and it only cost us a few hundred US dollars to fix.

Two, make sure the area surrounding the property you’re considering has all the amenities and infrastructure you’re looking for.
How To Exchange RMB In China

A foreigner can bring cash and exchange RMB at banks in China. A foreigner can also get the money exchanged through traveler’s check. Credit cards can also be used. What follows is a more detailed explanation.

Last Updated on Saturday, 24 October 2009 21:55
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