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Travel in Tibet
Travel in Tibet

Magic Tibet Ⅸ -- Qu Gong

altQu Gong(曲贡) cultural site is located five kilometers on the northern outskirts of Lhasa river valley margins, 3690 meters above sea level. In October 1983, Tibet archaeologist of archaeological excavations here to Lhasa to the history of civilization before 4000.

Qu valley fever in the mother Gong village unearthed a number of tombs and hangs, there

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Magic Tibet Ⅷ -- Namu Lake

In Tibet (xī zàng 西藏), Namu (nà mù 纳木) means sky, so Tibetans regard Namu Lake (nà mù cuò 纳木措) as the "lake in the sky". Namu lake is the largest lake in Tibet, with a total area of 1920 K㎡, 70 km in length from east to west, 30 km in width from north to south and more than 33m in depth. The lake is an approximate rectangle and is the head of three big God Lakes in Tibet. Opposite it, there are the hight snow-covered dominant peaks of the Danggula Mountain (táng gǔ lā shān 唐古拉山) whose inverted image lies in the lake. This scene is very wonderful and marvelous.

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Magic Tibet Ⅶ -- Sera Monastery

The Sera Monastery (色拉寺) at the foot of Tatipu Hill is located in the northern suburb of Lhasa (拉萨). It is one of three famous monasteries in Lhasa along with the Drepung Monastery(哲蚌寺) and the Ganden Monastery(甘丹寺). The Sera Monastery is dedicated to the Gelugpa or Yellow Hat Sect, a branch of Tibetan Buddhism, founded by Tsong Khapa. Jamchen Chojey, one of Tsong Khapa's disciples built the monastery in 1419 during the Ming Dynasty(清). The monastery was named Sera which mean wild rose in the Tibetan language, because the hill behind it was covered with wild roses in bloom when the monastery was built.

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Magic Tibet Ⅵ-- Chakpori Hill

     Chakpori Hill
Rising up beside Potala Palace (bù dá lā gōng 布达拉宫), the spied peak of Chakpori Hill (yào wáng shān 药王山) is 3725 meters high. Ascending the winding path to the top, one has the opportunity to view a panorama of the ancient city and its surrounding landscapes.

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Magic Tibet Ⅴ-- Gandan Monastery

 Gandan Monastery
Gandan Monastery (gān dān sì 甘丹寺) is the most special temple of the six Gelug Sect (gé lǔ pài 格鲁派) temples. In the past, there were nearly 4,000 monks in Gandan Monastery. Although it was almost completely demolished during the Cultural Revolution (wén huà dà gé mìng 文化大革命) and nearly all buildings were reconstructed later, the cultural relics have lost more or less. If you are interested in Tibetan Buddhism, here is a choice you can’t miss.

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