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Travel in Shanghai
Travel in Shanghai

The Ohel Moishe Synagogue

Ohel Moishe Synagogue

Brief Introduction
The Ohel Moishe Synagogue (Mó xī huì táng 摩西会堂) was established in 1907 to serve the Russian Jewish community that flourished in Shanghai. Newly renovated and re-opened to the public in 2008, it now serves as the Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum.

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Shanghai Stadium

altAs one of Shanghai's landmarks, Shanghai Stadium (or Shanghai Sports Center) is situated in Xuhui District. Formerly known as the "80,000-seat stadium", it is for track-and-field events, soccer matches, and cultural or sports extravaganzas. It served as one of the venues for the football matches of the Olympic games in 2008.

Covering a floor area of 190,000 square meters and a total construction space of 150,000 square meters, the saddle-shaped stadium is a sphere in radium of 300 meters. Above audiences' stands there are awnings that could be spread out in case of raining and big sun.

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Jing An Temple

Jing An Temple

Jing An Temple (jìng ān sì 静安寺) is a famous buddhist temple with a long history, the eastern wu (dōng wú 东吴) dynasty in the three kingdoms and relocated to its present location in the 9th year of south song (nán sòng 南宋) emperor's era (1216 bc). It has been restored several times since the yuan dynasty (yuán cháo 元朝) and was finally destroyed in Taipingtianguo (tài píng tiān guó 太平天国) with only dafou hall left. Originally located beside Suzhou Creek, it was relocated to its current site in 1216 during the Song Dynasty. In 1912, the country's first

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Shanghai Museum


As a museum of ancient Chinese art, Shanghai Museum (shàng hǎi bó wù guǎn 上海博物馆) possesses a collection of 120,000 precious works of art. Its rich and high-quality collection of ancient Chinese bronze, ceramics, painting and calligraphy is specially celebrated in the world. Located in the center of Shanghai in People's Square, Shanghai Museum is a large museum of ancient Chinese art. The museum style and presentation surround visitors with artifacts demonstrating ancient wisdom and philosophy. The exterior design of the round dome and the square base symbolizes the ancient idea of a round heaven and a square land.

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Chengxiang Ge Temple

 Chengxiang Ge

Chengxiang Ge (chén xiāng gé 沉香阁) Temple, also called Ci Yun Si (cí yún chán sì 慈云禅寺) located in Shanghai Old Town, is the most famous Buddhist nunnery (bǐ qiū ní 比丘尼) in Shanghai. The temple was originally built in 1600, the Wanli reign of the Ming Dynasty.

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