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Travel in Liaoning

Travel in Liaoning

Xiongyue Sceneries Top 8

Wanger Mountain

Xiongyue (Xióng yuè 熊岳), located in the south of Yingkou City (yíng kǒu shì 营口市), is a very well-known city in southern Liaoning. There are eight famous sights in Xiongyue, including Wanger Mountain (wàng ér shān 望儿山), Qinglong Mountain (qīng lóng shān 青龙山), Manshou Mountain (mán shǒu shān 馒首山), Shipeng Mountain (shí péng shān 石棚山), Xuemao Mountain (xuě mào shān 雪帽山), Xianren Island (xiān rén dǎo 仙人岛), Tianyuan Temple (tiān yuán sì 天源寺) and Zhang Guolao Bridge (zhāng guǒ lǎo qiáo 张果老桥). Mt. Wanger, among all, is the representative scenery spot.

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Hetuala City

Hetuala City

Hetuala City (hè tú ā lā chéng 赫图阿拉城) is located in Yongling Town (yǒng líng zhèn 永陵镇) of Xinbin Manchu Autonomous County (xīn bīn mǎn zú zì zhì xiàn 新宾满族自治县) in Liaoning Province. The word Hetuala in fact is from Manchu Language meaning a flat top hummock. It was the very first capital city of the Late Jin (hòu jīn 后金) Dynasty as well as the last mountain city in Chinese history, moreover, it is the best-preserved Manchu city until now. Hetuala, the center of politics, economy, military, culture and diplomacy of Late Jin, was famed as the birthplace of Qing Dynasty (qīng cháo 清朝) and the cradle of the thrift of Manchuria. It has great value in the study of history, art, society and culture.

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Jade Buddha Court (Yu Fo Yuan)

Jade Buddha Court

Jade Buddha Court (yù fó yuàn 玉佛苑) is a famous attraction in Anshan City (ān shān shì 鞍山市). It is located in the middle of Jade Buddha Court Scenic Spot which covers an area of 40 thousand square meters, and is embraced by three mountains and leaving only one side facing water. It is formed by some special buildings with totally different styles which are harmoniously set and bring out the best in each other. The famous Jade Buddha is sitting here and it gains the reputation of the best one in the Guinness Record with its big setting and brightness. The set up of Jade Buddha Temple is a miracle of modern carving and architecture, it attracts millions of people every year. Jade Buddha Court Tour Guide Map

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Qianshan Scenic Spot

Qianshan Yuntan Lake

Located in the middle of Liaoning province, Qianshan Mountain Scenic Spot (qiān shān fēng jǐng qū 千山风景区) is 17 kilometers away in the east of Anshan City (ān shān 鞍山), and 30 kilometers away in the south of Liaoyang City (liáo yáng 辽阳). The total area of the spot is 125 square kilometers, and there are still 72 square kilometers under construction. Mt. Qianshan means a mountain with a thousand peaks, and actually Qianshan has 999. It is well-known for the marvelous peaks, the precipitous rocks and quaint temples, and enjoys the fame of “The Northeast Pearl”.

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Yalu River (Amnok River)

Yalu River

Yalu River (yā lù jiāng 鸭绿江) Scenic Spot is in the downstream of Yalu River, it is 210 km long and covers 824.2 km² and receives the water from over 30,000 km² of land. The scenic spot is composed of six scenic areas and more than a hundred attractions, moreover, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of both China and North Korea. The meander and the slowness of the river, the jagged cliff on both banks and the luxuriant woods, form a bright and colorful natural landscape. Along the river banks are scattered many historical sites and relics, and all these make the spot attractive for both travel and study.

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