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Travel in Fujian

Travel in Fujian

Fujian Cuisine and Local Snacks in Xiamen

Fujian Cuisine

Fujian cuisine (fú jiàn cài 福建菜) was a latecomer in southeast China along the coast. The cuisine emphasizes seafood, river fish, and shrimp. It is known for its meticulous ingredient selection, fine cutting, and fresh taste. The local cooks are good at preparing seafood, and the dishes they cook are tender, tasteful but not oily and look elegant. Generally speaking, Fujian dishes are slightly sweet and sour, and less salty, and often use the red distiller's grain for flavoring.

Let's Enjoy the Mountains(Mt.Wuyi)

China's spectacular mountain landscapes attract the professional climber and wide-eyed adventurer alike. Serious climbers are drawn to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau to scale the challenging summit of Mt. Everest -known as Mt. Qomolongma in China- the tallest peak in the world. And others naturally gravitate to China's Five Sacred Mountain Peaks, which Han Emperor Wu Di declared sacred in the 2nd century BC.
Given the weather, May is one of the best seasons for climbing up the mountains. So do not hesitate, follow us and let’s enjoy the mountain.

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