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Lingqiu Peach Mountain Tours

Lingqiu Peach Mountain

Peach mountain is located in Lingqiu (líng qiū 灵丘) of Shanxi (shān xī 山西) province. Lush plants and peach flowers are blooming in spring and summer. It is not only a beautiful place for summer recreation, because it has scenic and cultural attractions, but also a best place for revolutionary education. Moreover, natural stalactites cave found on mountain. In addition, the biggest cave on hill is peach cave which deeps more than 200 meters. In 2002, Peach hill was identified as class A scenic area by the national tourism administration. Hence, it can provide an elegant environment and ideal place for you and with convenient transportation.


ZhaowulingwangZhaowulingwang (zhào wǔ líng wáng 赵武灵王) who was a king of Zhanguo (zhàn guó 战国) buried in Lingqiu, this is why the city called “Lingqiu”. It was first built in the early Han (hàn 汉) and wasted in western Han (xī hàn 西汉) dynasty. Then, in eastern Wei (dōng wèi 东魏), it was reset which belonged to Sizhou (sī zhōu 司州) and wasted again. Further, It belonged to Weizhou (wèi zhōu 蔚州) in Yuan (yuán元) dynasty. In the sixth years of Qing (qīng 清), Weizhou was directly under the Xuanhuafu (xuān huà fǔ 宣化府) which is in Hebei (hé běi 河北) province now, and Lingqiu was affiliated to Shanxi Datongfu (dà tóng fǔ 大同府). In 1937, Lingqiu was developed to an anti-Janpanese revolutionary base after Pingxingguan (píng xíng guān 平型关) Victory. In 1945, Lingqiu was liberated and it belonged to Jinchajibianqu (jìn chá jì biān qū 晋察冀边区). Until 1993, Lingqiu is officially belonging to Datong city, with total population of 22 million in 2003.


Stalactites CaveStalactites
Stalactite is a general name of stalagmites and stone pillars which have formed during a long geological history and special conditions in a carbonate cave. Stalactite forming normally needs thousands of years or several hundred thousand years time, so it is important research information for investigating ancient geology. The cave in Lingqiu has been formed more than 170 million years; in particular, stalactite still develops everyday. Until now, the stalactite of shiman (shí màn 石幔), coral and stone flower falls has shaped.

Bat Cave
Bat CaveThe bat cave on the halfway of mountain is extremely large, with tens of thousands of bats hang upside down on the roof and hide by day and night. Amazing natural cave paintings are worth to view. Recently, it found a new kwan-yin (guān yīn 观音) cave at inside of bat cave. Three natural Kwan-yin statuses has formed, which are exquisite and graceful just like someone carved it.

Peach Springs
At the foot of Mountain, peach springs are flowing from west to east. Various falls have formed during mountain stream. The peach springs are good quality of natural mineral water, cool and sweet. The longquan (lóng quán 龙泉) on the cliffs is one of the most beautiful springs in peach hill, as a popular legend said, longquan water can cure all diseases.

Peach SpringsPeach SpringsPeach Springs

Lingqiuhuangshaobing (líng qiū huáng shāo bǐng 灵丘黄烧饼)
LingqiuhuangshaobingLingqiuhuangshaobing is made by high quality materials (flour, sugar, sesame seeds and sesame oil). It is sweet and crisp but not too much greasy and oil and also can keep few days but no strange flavor and changed color. In 1973, French President Georges Pompidou accompanied by Premier Zhouenlai (zhōu ēn lái 周恩来) to Datong (dà tóng 大同) of Shanxi province, huangshaobing were treated to them as local special products.

Green bean cake
Green bean cake names money cake and luck cake as well. The name was given by Zhuyuanzhang (zhū yuán zhāng 朱元璋) in Ming (míng 明) dynasty, because the shape looks like money. The taste of green bean cake is known as "the best food in the world."

WalnutsLingqiu walnuts are well- known as larger, thin skin and sweet taste products. It is total output 250,000 kilograms per year. The value of one kilogram of walnut is equal to five kilograms eggs or nine kilograms milk. Walnuts are good for back pain, asthma and constipation.

Corn straw products
Corn straw productThe products that made by corn straw are a new technology craftwork. These kinds of products have beautiful appearance, flexibility and good permeability. It can make of cup holders, car seats, carpets and storage boxes etc.

: Shanhumencun (shā hú mén cūn 沙湖门村), Hongshilengxiang (hóng shí léng xiāng 红石塄乡), Lingqiuxian (líng qiū xiàn 灵丘县), Datongshi (dà tóng shì 大同市), Shanxi (shān xī 山西) province
Transportation: Take bus at Lingqiu bus station, RMB 5 each
Recommended time to visit: 4 hours
Telephone: 0352-8522848
Opening hours: 8:00-18:00
Ticket: RMB 20
1. Best time to go: April to May of spring and June to August of summer
2. Near by attractions: Pingxingguanzhanyiyizhi (píng xíng guān zhàn yì yí zhǐ 平型关战役遗址), Jueshan (jué shān 觉山) Temple, Kongzhongcaoyuan (kōng zhōng cǎo yuán 空中草原), Tomb of Zhaowulingwang (zhào wǔ líng wáng 赵武灵王 )

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