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Kashgar Tour

Abakh Hoja Tomb in Kashgar
Kashgar (kā shí 喀什) is an important hub on the Old Silk Road, a vibrant Islamic centre within Chinese territory. It is the largest oasis city in Chinese Central Asia and 90 percent of its population of over 3, 000, 000 are Uygur. Kashgar is a remote desert oasis in "another world".  The region is completely different than any other part of China in tradition, costume and lifestyle. The western most city of China is the solo outpost of civilization from the vast Taklmakan Desert to the Karakorun Mountains.

Location and Topography
Kashgar lies in the west of the Taklamakan Desert and at the feet of the Tian Mountai (tiān shān 天山)(Tianshan in Chinese) range. It is also where both the northern and southern routes from China around the Taklamakan Desert converge.

A history of more than 2000 years; belonged to the Zhuangpu prefectural General's Office of the HunIn in Han dynasty (hàn cháo 汉朝); there after, submitted to the authorities of the Western Han dynasty (xī hàn 西汉) after the trading links with Han formed by Zhang Qian (zhāng qiān 张骞) - the special envoy to the Western Region sent by Emperor Wudi (hàn wǔ dì 汉武帝); one of the four important towns in Anxi (ān xī 安西) during Tang dynasty (táng cháo 唐朝); later becoming the seat of government of the Kashgar Councillor in Qing dynasty (qīng cháo 清朝).

Tourist Attractions
Karakul Lake
Karakul LakeAt 3,600m this high altitude lake is surrounded by much higher peaks including Muztagh Ata (mù shì tǎ gé fēng 慕士塔格峰)(7546m) and Kongur Tagh (gōng gé ěr shān 公格尔山)(7649m). Karakul is kyrgyz for "black lake" and its indeed looks black when the sun is hidden by clouds. The lake is a stunning spot on its own but the journey getting there along the Karakorum Highway is as much the reason as the destination itself. A truly spectacular drive.
Best Time to Visit: May to late September
Admission Fee: CNY 50

The Id Kah Mosqu
The Id Kah MosquThe Id Kah Mosque (ài tí gǎ ěr qīng zhēn sì 艾提尕尔清真寺) is the largest of its kind in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (xīn jiāng wū lǔ mù qí zì zhì qū 新疆乌鲁木齐自治区) and also the center for Islamic activities of the entire Xinjiang region. The Id Kah Mosque is well known all over the world for its long history, grand structure and splendid national features. When you visit mosques, you should always remember that both men and women should always have their arms and legs fully covered. The best time to visit is probably early to mid-morning when there are few worshippers here.
Admission Fee: CNY 30
Opening Hours: 8:50 am-10:00 am
Bus Route: No. 77, 13

Kashgar Grand Bazaar
Kashgar Grand BazaarThere are many bazaars in Kashgar (kā shí 喀什), scattering in different streets of both rural and urban areas, but the best-known is the East Gate Grand Bazaar (dōng mén dà bā zhā 东门大巴扎). This is because the East Gate Grand Bazaar is the biggest of its kind in Kashgar and offers richest varieties of commodities and most favorable prices, which attracts lots of customers to the bustling bazaar.
Best time to visit: August and September
Admission Fee: Free
Bus Route: No.17 and 20
Opening Hours: Whole Day (Sunday is the best time for a visit)

Abakh Hoja Tomb
Abakh Hoja TombAbakh Hoja Tomb (ā pà kè huò jiā mù 阿帕克霍加墓), commonly known among the Chinese as the Tomb of Xiangfei (xiāng fēi mù 香妃墓), is the most magnificent tomb in Kashi (kā shí 喀什), filled with history and symbolism. It served as the family tomb of Abakh Hoja, the powerful ruler of Kashi in the 17th century.
Opening Hours: 8:00am-5:30pm
Admission Fee: CNY 15

There are three flights from Kashgar to Urumqi (wū lǔ mù qí 乌鲁木齐). There is also regular train to Urumqi. Buses to Pakistan is available at Tuman Hotel beside the Tuman river north, not at China Bagh Hotel. There are several buses to Urumqi at cheaper offering. They depart from Tuman river. City transport is taxi, buses, bicycle instead of donkey cart. Kashgar Railway Station was built in 1999. It is located at the urban area of Kashgar abd plays an important role. The highways radiate from Kashgar toward all directions. All the counties are connected by bus. Besides, taxi is also a good tool to travel in Kashgar.

By Taxi
The taxi base fare is CNY 5. If it drives within Kashgar City, the taxi fare will not exceed the base fare. From airport to hotel, the taxi fare is about CNY 30. From hotel to airport or railway station, the taxi fare is about CNY 10. From Kashgar to Abakh Hoja Mosque, the taxi fare is about CNY 10, but you can also go by bus.

By Train
Kashgar is the destination of Turpan-Kashgar Railway. The train K888 starts from Kashgar at 14: 42 and arrives in Urumqi at 14: 52 of the next day. The train K886 starts from Urumqi at 13: 22 and arrives in Kashgar at 13: 16 of the next day.

By Bus
The urban bus in Kashgar charges CNY 1. Most buses stopping at People’s Square can get everwhere of Kashgar City. If you need to change bus, you can go there. The buses to railway station are Bus 18, 21, 26, 28 and 6. Only Bus 2 goes to airport.

Local Food
Local FoodKashgar is a place where delicacies from all over the world get together. Local delicacies like Roast Whole Lamb, Doner Kebab, Rice eaten with fingers will all make your mouths water. And the restaurants in Kashgar will provide you the chance to have a taste.
Local specialties: Crisp Noodle, Xinjiang Rice, Xinjiang Noodle, Lung and Intestine Poured with Flour and Rice, Bean Jelly, Crusty Pancake, Roast Mutton in Mud Oven, Oily Pyramid Famous
Restaurants in Kashgar:
Little Blue Whale Rural Restaurant, Jinaoer Restaurant, Mutton Soup with Dough Sheet Restaurant, etc.

There are many star hotels receiving foreign visitors in Kashgar City. The modern service facilities in the hotels are as many as those in advanced regions, and have strong local ethnic features. Outside Kashgar City, there is no hotel and no hostel in some areas. So if you plan to go outside Kashgar City, you should bring tens with you.
If you are looking for some cheap accommodation options in Kashgar, we have built a list of popular hostels in Kashgar.

Popular Hostels in Kashgar:

Kashgar Old City Hotel
Address: No. 233 in Wusitangboyi Road Next to the Fourth Police Station, Kashgar
Maitian International Hotel
Address: Donghu Old Community at East Renming Road, Kashgar

Goods in Kashgar Grand BazaarTraditional folk handicrafts with unique local style are abundant in Kashgar. It is the reason why Kashgar is called "the centre of traditional folk handicrafts". There are handicrafts like carpets, Yingjisha County Knife, Multicolored Caps, Aidelaisi Silk, and Wooden Model Colored Calico.
On the other hand, Kashgar is called "fruit village", so fruits like Pomegranate, Almond, Fig, and Grape should be added onto your shopping lists. Don't forget to taste the sour and sweat pomegranate, which cannot be bought from elsewhere.
As for shopping markets, Kashgar Grand Bazaar is the best place for tourists to buy all kinds of Xinjiang special merchandise. There are also many supermarkets and department stores.

Tips: When you are shopping in Kashgar, you can try to bargain for a fair price. However, if you do not succeed in the bargain, you should put your right hand on the heart, bow and say "no, thank you". Don't be rude to the minority nationals.

Kashgar has a temperate continental climate with an annual average temperature of about 53ºF (11.7ºC).
The Best Time to Visit: the best time to visit Kashgar is between August and September when the sky is clear and blue and flowers in blossom.

When you travel Muslim area, the following taboos should be paid more attention. First, not to eat pork, dog meat and horse meat, and the blood of those animals. Second, not to drink wine and smoke. Third, if the temple says “No Photo”, you can’t do it. If you want to photo the monks and women, you must be permitted by them. If you take photo outdoors, you must take care of your health and keep the filming equipments well.

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