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Medication in China

Pharmacies in China are marked by a green cross
and can be found at every corner.

Though finding a pharmacy may be easy, finding English speaking staff in pharmacies is not. If you’re fortunate, you will find a pharmacy that keeps a bilingual medical directory or has some staff that speaks a few words of English (but not any medical terms).

Fortunately many Chinese medications have the drug’s generic name in English on their box, but the directions and precautions will be all in Chinese. When you do find the medication you need, make sure to take the box with you the next time you visit the pharmacy in order to make the process easier for yourself.
Hukou Falls of the Yellow River - Soul of the Nation

Hukou Falls

Hukou Falls (hú kǒu pù bù 壶口瀑布) is in the middle of Jixian (jí xiàn 吉县) of Shanxi (shān xī 山西) province and Yichuanxian (yí chuān xiàn 宜川县) of Shaanxi (shǎn xī 陕西) province, with the total area of 60 square kilometers. Hukou falls is the largest waterfall of the Yellow River in the world and second-largest falls behind by the Guizhou (guì zhōu 贵州) Huangguoshu (huáng guǒ shù 黄果树) Waterfalls in China. In other words, Hukou falls is a symbol of China.

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Sansu Memorial Temple

   Sansu Memorial Temple
Sansu Memorial Temple
(sān sū cí 三苏祠) is located at the western Meishan City (méi shān shì 眉山市) in Sichuan Province (sì chuān shěng 四川省). It is the former residence of Su Xun (sū xún 苏洵), Su Shi (sū shì 苏轼) and Su Zhe (sū zhé 苏辙). The memorial temple is covering an area of 56800 square meters, encircled with red wall and hovered by clean water.

Thirty-Six Strategies 29-32

29.Deck The Dead Tree With Silk Blossoms

Tying silk blossoms on a dead tree gives the illusion that the tree is healthy. Through the use of artifice and disguise make something of no value appear valuable; of no threat appear dangerous; of no use, useful.

                  Chinese Proverbs                 


                   Face odd things fearlessly and their fearsomeness will disappear.

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