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History and Culture
Chinese History and Culture

Local Operas

   Warriors of the Yang Clan aka
Chinese opera is an art with a long history and unique characteristics. Due to the vast land and various nationalities of China, there are various local operas besides Beijing Opera (jīng jù 京剧). Local opera (dì fāng xì 地方戏) in China is the opera which is popular in a certain region and with local characteristics. There are more than 300 types of local operas in China, among which Yuju Opera (yù jù 豫剧), Pingju Opera (píng jù 评剧), Yue Opera (yuè jù 越剧), Huangmei Opera (huáng méi xì 黄梅戏), Guangdong Opera (yuè jù 粤剧), Chaoju Opera (cháo jù 潮剧) are enjoyed great popularity.

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The Five Constant Virtues of China

the five constant virtues

Owning over thousands of years of history, the Chinese have created a brilliant history and culture, and at the same time have formed their own moral code that has played an important role in social development and progress. This is what we call Traditional Virtues (chuán tǒng měi dé 传统美德), which still have great significance today and whose value to the development of human civilization is now widely recognized.

Abacus and Abacus Calculation

Many centuries ago, the abacus (suàn pán 算盘) evolved independently in many countries throughout Europe, the Middle East and China. Its use is recorded in China as early as 6th century B.C., from where it found its way to Korea and Japan.

Gan and Shi's Celestial Book

    Five Planets
As early as in Spring and Autumn Period (chūn qiū shí qī 春秋时期) and the Warring States Period (zhàn guó shí qī 战国时期), Chinese people had made great achievement in astronomy. Based on their long-time observation of the celestial phenomena, Gan De (gān dé 甘德) of the State of Qi (qí guó 齐国) wrote a work titled Astronomy and Astrology (tiān wén xīng zhàn 天文星占) in eight volumes, and Shi Shen (shí shēn 石申) of the State of Wei (wèi guó 魏国)wrote his Astronomy (tiān wén 天文), also in eight volumes. The later generations combined their books, naming it Gan and Shi’s Celestial Book (gān shí xīng jīng 甘石星经), which is the earliest astronomic work in the world.

Chinese Pagoda

               Big White Goose Pagoda
Pagoda (tǎ 塔) is an important symbol of civilization and culture of ancient China. It’s also a significant style of ancient architecture in China. Since Buddhism introduced to our country, pagodas with Chinese characteristics has increased rapidly. And it has become an important part of the temple. Mini-pagodas can be taken as a sculpture and souvenir. Tall pagodas are with ancient multi-story structure, reflecting the situations such as technology development in different historical periods.

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