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International Friends --- A Smile Goes A Long Way
WorldFriends Networks

Love Relationship --- A Smile Goes A Long Way
Sanya, Toronto Canada & Tony, Toronto Canada

I joined World Friends to find a language tutor and someone to talk to about travel and Japan. Accidentally I clicked on a picture of a cute guy who lived in the same city and sent him a smile and he emailed me back. We exchanged emails for a week and started to chat online, then moved on to phone. We talked on the phone every night and got closer day by day. We met up expecting to be friends, however the meeting lead to something else. I sent him a smile in the middle of January, and he asked me out at the beginning of February. We have been together ever since. We both joined to meet people from Japan and to learn Japanese, however we ended up finding each other, a Taiwanese boy and a Serbian girl. We both thank you so much for everything! Without our interest in the Japanese Culture and this great site we would have never met. I read the stories of people who met their spouses here but never thought i would find the perfect guy on this website.

国际交友爱情故事 --- 一个微笑,让我们走到一起
Sanya, Toronto Canada & Tony, Toronto Canada

我加入World Friends是为了寻找一名语言教师,以及能够谈论去日本旅行的朋友。我偶然间点击了一张可爱的男孩子的照片,他和我居住在同一个城市,于是我给他发送了微笑,很快我就收到了他的回复。我们相互交换电邮,大约一周后,我们开始了在线聊天,再接着,我们开始用电话交谈。我们见了面,希望成为朋友,但是没想到,我们的会面却促成了另外一些事。我在一月中旬发送给他微笑,他在2月初约我出去。从那以后,我们一直在一起。我们加入这个网站,都是为了寻找日本的朋友和学习日语。但是,当我们寻找到彼此之后,我们结束了在网上的寻找。一个台湾男孩和一个塞尔维亚女孩!我们非常感谢WorldFriends所作的一切。在成功的故事中,我读到其他的会员在这里遇到他们生命中的另一半,但我从来没有想到,我也会在这里找到我的另一半。


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