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Home Living in China WorldFriends Networks Language Exchange Stories --- I am really hooked with ForeignerCN friends & language partners!
Language Exchange Stories --- I am really hooked with ForeignerCN friends & language partners!
WorldFriends Networks

Language Exchange --- I am really hooked with ForeignerCN friends & language partners!

I am 45....despite their ideal ages for people they want to communicate with, I sent many smiles as I have nothing to lose. To my surprise, I received many replies from members in Romania, France, Russia, Germany, Thai, Singapore, China, Philippines, etc. Usually I try to communicate with them in their languages using online translator. Sometimes, the translation is not accurate, but I keep on communicating and I think I learn a lot this way. Now, I am regularly communicating with members from Germany and Romania. I online chat with Romanian member almost everyday to talk about daily life and we get along very well, so it's so much fun. As Japanese culture (especially comics) has been spread into the world and many people are interested in it, and she is also one of them, it adds some more fun to our chat. She told me the reason she replied me was in fact, her sister liked my smiling photo on the site. So, now I know the photo means a lot. I am completely hooked with this I can learn various things in different countries. By communication we can undestand each others and have fun together. Now, I really feel the importance of language too.

语言学习伙伴 --- 我真的迷上了ForeignerCN friends & language partners.





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