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Shanghai Antique Market (上海古玩市场)

A house, a shopping mall and a street (一楼一城一条街) are the major three antique markets in Shanghai.


Teasure House Market"Treasure House", the true name of "FUYOU ROAD CRAFTS MARKET"(福佑路工艺品市场), it's used to be Fuyou Antiques Market. This market attract crowds of amateur collectors every Sunday morning on the lookout for a wide variety of objects such as paintings and calligraphy, pottery and all sorts of curios.
Add: Fangbang Lu 457, Shanghai
Tel: 021- 63262733


Last Updated on Monday, 28 September 2009 08:50
Guangzhou Antique Market (广州古玩市场)

Xiguan Antique MarketGuangzhou is the most important Commodity distribution center in south China. Guangzhou boasts eight major shopping streets, such as Dishipu, Beijing Road, Gaodi Street, Culture Street, Night Market and the Golden Fish Street. If you take a tour of these shopping streets, you will surely come back with lots of commodities.

Last Updated on Friday, 25 September 2009 17:05
Pet Market in Guangzhou 广州花鸟鱼市场

Huadi Pet Market
Enjoying the fame of "shopping paradise", Guangzhou is the most important Commodity distribution center in south China. Take advantage of famous Guangzhou specialty streets.Today,i will show you around Guangzhou Pet Market.

Last Updated on Thursday, 24 September 2009 18:22
Shanghai Pet Market 上海花鸟鱼市场

If you're looking for a pet to kill your spare time, I will recommend some pet shops in Shanghai (shàng hǎi 上海) to you, which are the Shanghai Naughty Family Pet Company, located at No. 2293 Hongqiao Road (hóng qiáo lù 红桥路), near Chenjiaqiao (chén jiā qiáo 陈家桥) phone: 6268-7400), is the oldest pet shop in Shanghai. The shop specializes in dogs; among the many breeds we spotted were Toy Poodles, Japanese Spitz, Chihuahua, Schnauzer, Shihtzu andPekinese.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 23 September 2009 18:21
Beiing Pet Market 北京花鸟鱼市场

Beijing has a wide range of market.In the following, I will take you around Beijing Pet Market.

Guan Yuan Pet Market 官园花鸟鱼市场
People living in Beijing may find this market a good place to pick up a cheap but adorable pet to join their family. The shop and stall holders are warm and welcome every people even if you are not interested in buying. There are many stalls both inside and outside the market. altThere is even the chance to sit down and enjoy a wonderful time.There are all kinds of pets, like turtles, terrapins, fish, budgerigars, parrots, doves, rabbits, chinchillas, cats, kittens, mice, hamsters, iguanas and dragon lizards. Insects like crickets are very popular and widely available. During winter, apart from live maggots, these were the only insects available.
To accompany the pets you will find a wide range of accessories available to either make your pet's life more comfortable or to entertain them. Pet food and pet medicines can also be purchased.
If you are not much interested in pets, don't despair. There is quite a range of other merchandise also offered for sale.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 22 September 2009 20:49
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