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Business Overview

Dr Ward has a Bsc hon in Traditional Chinese medicine from Middlesex University London UK and a full Chinese medicine Degree from Beijing Chinese medicine University including Acupuncture and herbal prescription medicine. He has completed a Full internship at Beijing Chinese-Japanese Friendship Hospital and Xi Yuan hospital. He has also completely an  additional Tui na and Acupuncture internship through Shanghai Chinese medicine university at Shu Guang hospital.

Common treatments include neck, shoulder or lower back pain, stress, anxiety, low energy, depression, headaches, digestive problems, skin problems, low immune system, high blood pressure, phlegm, dysmenorrhea, Infertility, over weight, sports injuries, arthritis, etc. Though hard to cure, there is little that can not be treated with Traditional Chinese Medicine which has been a primary treatment of disease for thousands of years. Many irregular problems that are not solved through orthodox medicine are often solved holistically and through natural treatments.

Over the past 50 years Traditional Chinese medicine has drastically improved and developed technically and clinically, adapting to our modern life styles.