The Armed Police General Hospital

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Business Overview
The General Hospital of the Chinese People's Armed Police Forces(北京武警总医院) is a new AAA-grade medical institution. It is a comprehensive hospital, integrating medical care, health care, teaching and scientific research. Now it has 55 professional departments, various kinds of facilities with a total value exceeding RMB 400 million, and more than 200 specialists in various fields. The hospital has established successively the "Postdoctoral Workstation for Scientific Research" and "Armed Police Forces Institute of Further Study for Physicians" and has undertaken the assignment of instructing and teaching postdoctoral students, doctors and masters for teaching hospitals of No. 4 Military Medical University and Academy of Military Medical Sciences. In 2003, it organized the China International Medical Rescue Team, which has accomplished medical rescue assignments in Algeria, Iran and Indonesia. In 2004, the hospital was appraised as one of the first batch of "Model Trustworthy Hospitals". In 2005, it carried out jointly with the Red Cross Society of China the activity of "Helping Heart Disease Patients", which has gained favorable comments from all walks of life in the society.   high-ranking sickroomcommon sickroomThe hospital's strengths are: five medical institutes (liver transplantation institute, institute of orbital diseases , institute of cardiology, institute of nanomedicine and anus & intestine disease institute), five special centers (tumour radioactive treatment center, intracardiac intervention therapy center, dental medical center, orthopaedics center, healthy birth and sound care center), seven disciplines associations (transplantation surgery, head and neck surgery, cardiovascular disease, tumour, orthopaedics, neurosurgery and diabetes), three special disease sections (geriatrics, neural stem cell transplantation and biologic treatment), together with health checkup center, first-aid center and twelve special clinics such as snore disease, myopia, galactophore, syringomyelia, diabetes, hyperplasia of prostate and slimming treatment, etc., thus forming a benign development situation in which the hospital has its emphases and the departments have their characteristics". Now, under the guidelines of "Promoting advantages, improving disadvantages, innovation and development", the hospital is intensifying development of human resources and disciplines, striving to make a leap in development, and striding continuously toward higher goals!  the building of new sickroomOutpatient HallThe General Hospital of Chinese People's Armed Police Forces is located in No.69, Yongding Road, Haidian District, Beijing. Its predecessor is the Sanitation Clinic of Guard Battalion of the Central Military Committee, which was established in 1937, and was once located Yanan and Xibaipo, the cradle of the revolution. It was relocated to Beijing in 1949. Thereafter it was reorganized many times, named successively as the Hospital of the Second Division of Public Security, the 267th hospital of the People's Liberation Army and the Hospital of 1st Guard Division. In March 1983, it was finally organized as the General Hospital of the Chinese People's Armed Police Forces. Its developing goal is to meet international standards, and become an outstanding and well-known hospital in Beijing and China.In 1993 the hospital was awarded the title of "Advanced institution in Medicine Science and Technology" by the Logistics Department of the Headquarters of the Armed Police Forces; in 1994 it won "Top Grade Prize for Medical Thesis" issued by Medical Journal of the Armed Police Forces; in 1995 it was listed as the first batch of designated hospital for "Comprehensive Arrangements for Serious Diseases"; in 1997 by outstanding performance, it was listed as one of the-AAA grade hospitals; in 1998 performance it was formally listed as a "teaching hospital" by the No.4 Military Medical University, and established training centers for masters and doctoral studies; in 1999, it was appraised as one of the designated hospital of medical insurance services; in 2000 it was appraised by the PLA as "Advanced institution of Further Medical Education"; in 2001 it was appraised as one of the first batch "Model Trustworthy Hospital" and was approved to establish the China Medical Rescue Base of SOS. In August, 2002 with the energetic support of related departments of the Headquarters, our hospital was approved by the Ministry of Personnel to establish "Postdoctoral Workstation for Scientific Research".