Wangjing Hospital

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Address Address: Hua Jia Di Street, ChaoYang District, Beijing
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Business Overview
Wangjing Hospital(望京医院) of China Academy of Chinese Medicine Sciences was founded in January,1997.It stems from the Orthopedics Research Institute of China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine,the affiliated hospital of The Beijing College of Acupuncture – Moxibustion and Orthopaedics - Traumatology and Orthopedics department.They merged into Wangjing Hosital.Through years of construction,the Hosital has developed into a AAA-grade TCM hospital which focuses on the Orthopedics of Chinese Medicine developing orderly with other subject. The Orthopedics of Chinese Medicine of the hospital is the key subject,key research room,key specialist in the State Administration Bureau of TCM .In addition,the Hospital is the national TCM Centers of Orthopedics,, the national emergency clinical base for TCM, the national key specialist of rheumatism, Cervical Spondylosis, Kidney diseases.There are 1042 employees including 143 professors and 272 vice professors. 23 supervisors for postgraduate of Master and 12 for Doctor’s ,17 enjoy governmental special allowance.At present,the Hospital has 1100 beds in Inpationt.The daily Outpationt resch more than 4200 people. The hospital is constructed with ICU ,CCU, department of endocrinology and nephropathy, Respiratory department, rheumatoid immune Branch, Oncology, Spina, traumatology, osteoarthropathy, surgery, gynaecology,paediatrics, Acupuncture, Blood Purification Center,etc.It is particularly effective against fracture, orthopaedagogics, rheumatoid arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis,ANFH, Older degenerative joint disease, Lumbar Disc Disease, cervical spondylosis,CCVD, diabetes mellitus, nephropathy, asthma, tumour, progressive muscular dystrophy,etc.The Hospital includes two AAA-grade laboratories of the State Administration Bureau of TCM, biomechanics and Herbal Pharmacology(Orthopedics).During the decades, 65 Scientific or Technical awards have been obtained, Among them, 2 won the State Scientific and Technology Progress Award,36 provincial and ministerial level awards.The Hospital is undertaking 174 research projects from the state,the Ministry and China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Now there are 166 students in the hospital,35 for postgraduate of Master,22 for Doctor’s and 11 for postdoctor’s. 4 for master-apprentice.Since 2005 ,the Hospital has been a teaching base for Bejing university of Chinese Medicine.Since the founding,the Hospital has made co-operation with The United States, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Hong Kong and other countries and regions to establish medical relationship. More than 100 experts were sent to do the medical