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Business Overview
Shenzhen International TCM Training Center (深圳市中医院), authorized by Shenzhen municipal government, was established in 1993. It is affiliated to Shenzhen TCM Hospital and has been titled "First Grade Teaching Organization of Adult Education of Shenzhen".
Shenzhen TCM Hospital is located in the central area of Futian District of Shenzhen City. It is the biggest general traditional Chinese medicine hospital in Shenzhen. 
In 1995, it was entitled "National Model TCM Hospital" and "Top Grade(San Ji) Rank A (Jian Deng) TCM Hospital" by the Chinese Administration of TCM, and was nominated Guangdong Provincial Model TCM Hospital" by Guangdong TCM Administration Bureau. Later, it was admitted as one of the Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine by Chinese Administration of TCM in 1997. There are two clinical sections of outpatient department, separated in 33 specialized clinics with 67 specialists of various specialties, which handle about 3000 patients per day, and the inpatient department providing 300 beds for the inpatients, is also well equipped. The total working area of the hospital is about thirty five thousand square meters. There are 716 persons on the staff of the hospital, including 225 persons with higher professional posts and 235 with middle professional posts. Among them there are 26 persons with Ph. D. and 36 with Master Degree. There are four titled well known doctors nominated by the government. And the sections of the traumatology, renal disease, hepatic disease, gastrointestinal disease, Respiratory disease, acupuncture, Massage, cardiovascular disease, cerebral disease and the specializing clinics for diabetes, anal disease, snake biting, mammal gland disease and infertility are all well known home and abroad. And consequently, there is a great flow of patients in the hospital.
 The International TCM Training Center is equipped with classrooms, experimental laboratory, and professional teachers of high quality. The teaching materials also include computers, digital projectors, film projectors, television sets, audio and video recorders, teaching X-ray inspector, endoscope, etc. In recent years, there are more than 100 various teaching programs already performed in this center for the students from Hong Kong, Macao, U.S. Canada, Holland, Austria, Great Britain,Singapore Indonesia, 
German and Switzerland. Beside the programs of traumatology, acupuncture, massage, English language, Japanese language, these programs are mainly designed for TCM practitioners, Chinese pharmacologist. From 1999, there have been more than 300 TCM students from the TCM College of Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Baptist University taking there clinical training course in our hospital. And both the Students and the teachers of these TCM schools highly praise the outcome of clinical teaching of this hospital. Long term or short term of study can be elective for the convenience of the student. The study fashions include teacher following and class teaching, combined with clinical practice or clinical observation. The Centre could coordinate in resolving traffic and lodging of the students. The candidates could possibly choose to visit the hospital, and take free courses of practice and study if they have contacted the hospital before they come.
Yang Zhuoxin, the director of Shenzhen TCM Hospital, is in charge of the Center.
The location of the Centre is 10 minutes from LuoHu Port to Hong Kong), and 5 minutes ride to Huang Gang (to Hong Kong). And the traffic is very convenient.
You are very welcome if you choose to visit this hospital and discuss about teaching programs. Let us hope we work together for the prosperity of our traditional medicine and contribute together for the bright future of the health of the mankind.