Shenzhen Children's Hospital

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Address Address: 7019 Yitian Lu, Futian District, Shenzhen
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Business Overview
Shenzhen children's hospital, is a comprehensive modern hospital supervised by health and population and family planning commission of Shenzhen, it is a combination of medical care, education and research entities. The hospital provides health care services for children in Shenzhen or from the nearby cities such as Dongguan,Huizhou and Shantou. As a center of Shenzhen for medical care and emergency of pediatrics, it serves the children from birth through 14 years of age. The hospital established in 1 997, located in the central area of Shenzhen downtown, in the south of the famous Lotus Hill Park, neighbored to music hall, library and municipal government of shenzhen. It covers 43 thousand square meters, total building area is about 60 thousand square meters, and there are more than 1000 employers. Children records approximately 1.4 million out-patient, emergency patient visits and 27000 inpatient admissions each year. The hospital encompasses 500 beds for open, performs more than 8000 surgical procedures annually. There are five areas for internal medicine, five for surgery, one for ENT two for critically ill children patients including NICU and PICU. The hospital has state-of-the-art facilities, includes all clinical sections of a large general children hospital, and owns modern medical equipment worth 200 millions RMB such as magnetic resonance,multi-slice spiral CT, D$A,color ultrasound, 24h ambulatory EEG, digital video EEG systems with both 64 and 128 channels, electronic gastroscope, laparoscope, extracorporeal circulation unit. pulmonary function test devices, hemofiltration machine, chemiluminescence system, specific protein assay devices, flow cytometry and so on, operating rooms and wards for preterm newborn infants are equipped with laminar air flow units As an affiliated hospital to china medical university as well as Chongqing Medical University, shenzhen children's hospital is a training base for medical undergraduate students and graduate students, also as a teaching hospital of Zunyi Medical College. There is an experienced medical staff and professional team, two physicians with postdoctoral training experience and 34 with doctor degree, one fourth of all physicians are vice-senior specialists, twelve of them are dvisors of graduate students for master or doctor degree programmes, and two of them enjoy a special government allowance granted by the State Council. Shenzhen children's hospital includes a pediatric research institute with 7 research laboratories and takes many scientific research projects supported by national nature scicence foundation, Guangdong province and Shenzhen city.Through a doze of years' hard efforts and innovations, the hospital has been honored with one key medical section of Guangdong rovince(section of immunology and rheumatology) and four key sections of Shenzhen city ( molecular immunology ; critical care medicine; neurology; respiratology). The municipal government of shenzhen is investing 650 million RMB to build a new inpatient area for Shenzhen children's hospital, covering 103000 square meters, the new building will be open in 2013, by that time the hospital will have more than 1000 beds with 10 areas for internal medicine and 1 0 for surgery, also including ENT area traditional Chinese medicine, VIP ward, critical care department and the pediatric research institute, total building areas nearly 1 70000 square meters, the hospital is expected to he the largest children hospital nationwide. Our hospital's goal is: to be number one children's hospital of China, provide fast, safe, convenient and efficient services for the Children and their parents and make a long-term commitment to our patients and staff.