Shenzhen Second People's Hospital

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Address Address: 3002 Sungang Xi Lu, Futian District, Shenzhen
Hours Hours:  24-hour emergency service
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Business Overview
Guangzhou Second People's Hospital (深圳第二人民医院) was developed from the You Tsai Hospital which was established by the Presbytery of the American Christianity. The hospital, founded in 1899, is a comprehensive hospital. It is entitled as the "Triplex First Hospital" in 1994 and the national baby-caring hospital in 1995. It is credited as the second people's hospital and the provincial educational hospital pertaining to the medical college of Guangzhou in 1997. There is a well-facilitated maternity research centre, the first-aid centre for the pregnant and lying-in woman and kidney transplanting section. It enjoys the title of the model hospital of Guangzhou for ten years and one of the hundred model hospital of Guangdong province in 1997.The hospital is situated on the picturesque beach of the Liwan Lake, with 25000 square meters. There are 1200 hygiene and technical staffs of all levels, including 100 vice-professors and 18 mentors of master.We have an average of 2800 out-patients everyday and 650 authorized beds. We also have a set of advanced medical equipment, such as Magnetic resonance, spiral CT machine, ECT machine, DSA.CR.DR. the first third-generation electromagnetic navigation system, multifunctional plasma, Color Kinesis, B-ultrasonic in abdomen, endometrial microwave curer, detritus machine by shaking wave, digital less shadow X-ray machine, automatic biochemistry machine, osseous density machine. All of those things add up to over 200 millions. They are adapted to the current clinical treatment and the advancement of the medical science.At present, the hospital has a perfect medical system and a complete section of each profession. There are 18 clinical research centre, more than 80 diplomatic clinics, and more than 90 special clinics. Among them, the maternity section is the most distinguishing and significant, at the same time it is the research center for post-graduate students whose major is maternity. They are all credited by the authority of Guangdong province.The maternity research centre based on the maternity, equips the top-class equipment. They are mainly used in the field of maternity, technology for assistant procreation, test tube baby, HLA & organ transplanting, genetics examination and diagnose before delivering. The genetic prepotency and human procreation research are the most advanced in our country. It is one of the two earliest hospitals who are approved to deal with the assistant procreation.The Judging center for Forensic material evidence was founded in Guangzhou in 2004. It is acknowledged by the judiciary as the qualified judging centre for forensic material evidence whose judging result has legal effect. It provides judging service for the society. It engages in individual identification, the DNA testing, gender identification, racial and species identification. It is the first medical institution which has the quality of judging the forensic material evidence in Guangzhou.Guangzhou government put the preferential project in "China's agenda for 21 century-the scheme for Guangzhou" into practice. Severe fertilization maternal treatment was founded in our hospital in 1998. Its main task is to treat the severe fertilization maternal in Guangzhou and its neighborhoods. It makes contribution to reducing the mortality rate in maternal and infant.Maternity section, osteological surgery section, cardiovascular section, kidney-transplantation section are the four significant sections. Besides that the hospital has succeed in ovarian transplantation, kidney transplantation, liver transplantation, medullary transplantation, cardiac valve replacement and some other complicated operation.The transportation is convenient. And the hospital is situated on the exit of Huangshan, Neihuan Road and No.623 road. You could arrive here by bus No.2, 3, 8, 9, 15, 25, 55, 66, 71, 74, 82, 105, 123, 176, 227, 236, 270, 275, 538, 541. Or you could take the subway to Changshou road stop, or Huangsha stop.