Jsmiles Dental

Tel Tel: 3530 6320
Address Address: Near Jiangning Lu,1038 Nanjing Xi Lu, Jingan District, Shanghai
Email Email: Jsmilesdental@gmail.com
Hours Hours:  24-hour emergency service
Website Website: http://www.jsmiles.com
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Business Overview

Jsmiles Dental in Shanghai offers the newest technology in American dentistry in a relaxing and pleasant spa-like setting. The dentists at Jsmiles use the best clinically proven materials and offer comprehensive dental examinations to help the patient better understand their dental situation so they can make informed decisions. Unlike most dental clinics in Shanghai, Jsmiles Dental emphasizes preventive care so patients can enjoy a healthy and pain-free mouth for a lifetime. 

Dr. Tommy Ma is the Director and Founder of Jsmiles Dental in Shanghai.  He received his Dental Medicine Doctorate degree from the University of Mississippi and has been delivering high quality dental services to patients at his clinic in Atlanta Georgia since 2004 and currently at Jsmiles Dental in Shanghai, China.  Dr. Ma's Jsmiles Dental Clinic is currently the only clinic in Shanghai owned and operated by an American dentist, which means you will receive the same dental experience and treatment as you would expect in the United States.

At Jsmiles Dental, we believe that maintaining good oral health is an important component to having a confident smile so we also offer traditional dental services in additional to our cosmetic services.  Our team has extensive experience with Endodontics, Pedodontics, Prosthodontics, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery and Orthodontics.  We also have experience with popular American cosmetic procedures such as No-Reduction Veneers, Removable Smile Appliances, Crowns , Chairside Whitening, and Implants.  From Orthodontics to teeth whitening and veneers, Jsmiles can help your oral health and enhance your smile. 

Each person's smile is special – and your experience with us should be as well. Our office is designed to help ensure your visit at Jsmiles is as pleasant and soothing as possible. We are equipped with intra-oral cameras, LCD screens, advanced anesthetic delivery systems and noise canceling headphones for your comfort.