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Business Overview
As the first affiliated hospital to Southern Medical University (the former First Military Medical University), Nangfang Hospital (南方医院)is an integrated hospital which combines medicine, teaching and scientific research into one unit and is honored as one of the first Class Three Grade A Hospitals and National Top Hundred Hospitals. It was founded in 1941 and once located in Qiqihaer and Changhai. In 1972, it finally moved to Guangzhou. According to the decision of Central Military Committee, it was transferred to Guangdong Province on 24th, Aug, 2004 and then named as Nanfang Hospital of Southern Medical University formally. The hospital was located at the east side of Baiyun Mountain, covering 200,300 square meters. Its construction area is 427,200 square meters and it owns 1743 sick beds. The general assets of equipments, which include the latest CT-PET, reach 500 million Yuan and the general assets of imported equipments reach 420 million Yuan. The yearly patient number of out-patient and emergency department was 843,400 persons/times in 2005 and the patient number of in-patient was 38,400 persons/times. Today, Nanfang Hospital has 46 disciplines and departments, 14 teaching departments and 26 specialized laboratories. Among them, there are one national key discipline (Digestive Disease Medicine), two national key disciplines of TCM (Encephalopathy and Nephropathy), two national key specialized disciplines of TCM (Chronic Headache and Rheumatism), five Guangdong Provisional key disciplines (Digestive Disease Medicine, Haematology, Epidemiology, Osteological Surgery and Neurology) and two Guangdong Provisional key laboratories (Basic of Hepatitis, Renal failure). It is also one of two hospitals which are the pharmacological bases for national western medicine and TCM. Now, Nanfang Hospital is able to confer doctor degree on first-level disciplines and master degree on 13 disciplines. Obvious advantages exist in digestive disease, renal disease, liver disease, hematal disease, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebral vascular diseases, comprehensive treatment of tumor, organ transplantation, micro-surgery (neurology), orthopaedics and traumatology and spine surgery center, burns and plastics, eugenics, integration of TCM and western medicine, medical image and intervention technique. The technological layout of Nanfang Hospital is that “hospital has emphasis, department has features and personnel has specialty”. Many technology projects are leading domestically, and some achieved international advanced level, which enjoys great fame in china, especially in southern China and Southeast Asia. Nanfang Hospital has the largest-sized, technologically strongest and most advanced endoscopy treatment center and it is the first one to perform muscoal resection under colonic endoscope; it is leading in research of acute renal injury, failure mechanism and prevention and treatment. The numbers and success rate of stem cell transplantation rank No.3 all over the country; it is the first one to treat pemphigus successfully by using autologous stem cell transplantation in world; it is the first one to treat chronic leucocythemia by adopting gene targeting; it successfully performs the first umbilical cord blood transplantation in China and treats Mediterranean anemia by maternal marrow stem cell transplantation firstly in the world; it is the first one to treat fulminant myocarditis by percutaneous cardiopulmonary support; it is the first one to develop MRI research and acquire the first class new drug certificate of national biological products; it is the first one domestically to develop Molecular Diagnostics Technologies in diagnosing α and β Mediterranean anemia; it is the first one to develop Gamete IntroFallopian Transfer and Assisted ReproductiveTechnologies successfully and the level of tube-test baby achieves world advanced level; it is the first one domestically to use X-knife to treat brain diseases; it is the only hospital home and abroad to treat intractable epilepsy under the guide of PET; it can perform multi-organ transplantation and performs multi-organ (liver, pancreas and duodenum)transplantation successfully; it is the first one to put forward criterion for ideal embolishing of cerebral aneurysms; it performs 10 amputated fingers replantation within shortest time and achieving best curative effect; it is the first one to use two-bridge flap transplantation to treat trauma of low extremities; it is the first one to construct tissue engineering bone of goat with vessels by using micro-technique, which is a breakthrough of human tissue engineering material; it performs hand allotransplantaion successfully which are No.1and No.2 in Asia , and No.3 and no.4 in world and it performs reconstruction of amputated five fingers successfully which is no.4 in the world. It is the first one to perform PDN replacement domestically; it is the first one to use the Phase I operation to treat serious spondylarthrocace, which is applied widely home and abroad now; it is the first one to operate tumor resection on upper parts of ilium bone and thighbone and performs reconstruction of pelvis and total hip; it is the first one to treat tissue injuries in different parts of body by all kinds of free flap transplantation; it is the first one to apply the innovative skin tissue transplantation of thin pedicle thin flap; the comprehensive sequential treatment and diagnosis of tumor reaches domestic advanced level; and it is the first one to supply aerial aid service in China. Integrating medical, health care and rehabilitation into one unit, Huiqiao Department (Huiqiao Building) of Nanfang Hospital is the earliest and largest comprehensive medical service institution for special need, which admits most overseas patients in China and is the only overseas patents center in the P.L.A. In March, 1995, the Central Military Committee authorized Nanfang Hospital the honorary title of “Model of Excellent Medical Service” and Jiang Zemin wrote inscription of “saving the dying and the injured, making unselfishness contributions, working hard and preserving the nature” personally. Now, Huiqiao building becomes medical famous brand which enjoys great popularity home and abroad. Nanfang Hospital undertakes more than 100 high-level scientific research tasks of 973, 863, National Natural Science Foundation and so on and the fund of scientific research tasks goes up to 20 million Yuan; By 2007, the hospital had won 300 prizes above third prizes of PLA and province, including 8 second prizes of “National Science and Technology Progress Award”, 15 first prizes and 113second prizes of PLA and province and so on. Since 2000, the level and number of scientific achievements of Nanfang Hospital ranks No.1 among all large hospitals in Guangdong Province, the numbers of papers published in national core journals and collected by SCI which are written by scientific and technology personnel of Nanfang Hospital come to the top ten among all medical institutions of the whole country, ranking No.1 in Guangdong Province. Nanfang hospital has two journals which are national source journals of paper statistics and “Chinese Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma” is one of journals of Chinese Medical Association. In addition, Nanfang Hospital has established southern PET center, photon knife and image-guided percutaneous RF ablation system treatment center; it owns the largest High Pressure Oxygen in Southeast Asia; it is equipped with the first-class Laminar Flow Operation Room and ICU; the digital hospital has been realized by using domestic advanced hospital information management system. Nanfang Hospital has invented and developed PACS system on its own, which reaches the domestic advanced level; “film-less” has been achieved and tele-radiologic conference system within hospital and between hospitals has been established; two-way bar code has been adopted to replace paper. After being transferred from the P.L.A to Guangdong Province, Nanfang Hospital adapts to the needs of transfer. On the basis of that, Nanfang Hospital adheres to the goal of “improving the core service ability and competitive ability and making the hospital bigger, stronger, more professional and more specialized”, promotes a variety of reforms firmly and actively, innovates the mechanism, strengths the management and makes a great effort to realize the new-round development after transfer. Nanfang Hospital was founded in Qiqihar, Heilongjiang Province, during the period of China’s War of Liberation. As the former first affiliated hospital of the First Military Medical University, Nanfang Hospital becomes the affiliated one of Southern Medical University after holistic handover from military system to the local government of Guangdong Province. Nanfang Hospital is a general hospital handling health care, medical education and scientific research. It is one of First Class Grade-A hospitals named and approved at the first nationwide review and judgment and one of the two licensed institutions which handle clinical research on western medical drugs and traditional Chinese medical drugs. Nanfang Hospital is located at Qilin Hillock, the eastern ridge of Baiyun Mountain. The 1800-bed world-renowned medical center, covering an area of 200,000m2, with a building area of 500000m2, is home to 50 clinical departments, 28 teaching departments and 26 laboratories. Nanfang Hospital has a 3,000-member medical staff including over 300 doctors and nurses with higher professional titles, among whom 53 ones hold the academic titles of directorship and associate directorship of academic institutions at the provincial or above level. In 2004, Nanfang Hospital ranked the first among the large hospitals at the first Guangdong provincial review and judgment of well-known doctors program. As the first clinical college affiliated to Southern Medical University, Nanfang Hospital has fostered a group of outstanding teachers at state level, military level and provincial level. It has been entitled to confer the doctoral degree of class I academic subject. The hospital with 130 supervisors of master’s and doctoral degrees, homes a work station for postdoctoral research. Additionally, the hospital is one of the 19 clinical doctors training bases nationwide approved by the state at the first review and judgment. Since 1990, the faculty have been funded with over 800 programs and awarded scientific research achievement prize in 376 programs including 7 second-class awards of the State Science and Technology Advancement Award. The hospital ranks the first among the hospitals in Guangdong Province in view of the quantity and quality of scientific research achievement, and on the top among the nationwide large hospitals and medical institutions in respect of publication of medical papers. Nanfang Hospital has gained honors such as “Bethune Cup” for the Military Quality Service Competition, “100 Best Hospitals in China”, “National Model Institutions of Supporting the Government and Cherishing the People”. The Department of Hui Qiao Buildings of the hospital was awarded a honorary title of “Department of Hui Qiao Buildings, Model of the Excellent Medical Service” by the Central Military Committee of PLA, in March, 1995. Nanfang Hospital is equipped with medical instruments of 4,580 sets (pieces), the value exceeding 500 million yuan, 80% of which are the most sophisticated ones currently in the world. It has been appraised as Garden Institution by Guangzhou municipal government for 11 years on end and as one of the 400 National Best Institutions of Planting Trees.