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Business Overview
The School of Stomatology, Peking University is a key national college in Stomatology, with an administrative system combining the School of Stomatology, the Hospital of Stomatology and the Stomatoloty Institute. It aims to cultivate high-level stomatological experts, popularize stomatological knowledge and enhance the capacity to prevent and cure stomatological diseases . it has now assumed certain state-level scientific projects for the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health.The School is located in the beautiful high-tech Park of the Zhongguan Village in the western Beijing, occupying an area of 20540 square meters. Equipped with advanced equipments, it provides favorable conditions and environment for its four basic functions in medical treatment, teaching, researches and prevention. There are 820 staff and students in the college, among which 139 are professors or associate professors, 120 lecturers and 79 assistants. The rich teaching staff include stomatological experts renowned home and abroad, 18 in-job doctor tutors and 42 master tutors. There are 7 basic offices (or groups) for research and teaching, and 6 clinical offices for research and teaching, both of which together assume the responsibility for the teaching work for the entire School. The School recruit 50 eight-year-system students(who may get a doctor degree at the conclusion of their study without the need to acquire a master degree in advance), 20 master postgraduates, and 30 doctor postgraduates. It also opens college courses for domestic and international students registered for advanced studies as well as overseas students. The first medical PhD cultivated in the School appeared in 1984 and the first group of medical PhD appeared in 1988.The Hospital of Stomatology is rated as first-class, Grade Three assessed by the Ministry of Health. It has set up 16 clinical departments, 10 departments for medical techniques, 2 out-patient departments, 115 designated beds and 310 comprehensive dental treatment tables. The average out-patients reach 0.6 million person-times per year, and 2300 per day, while the in-patients are 1800 per year. The hospital is responsible for the treatment of dental and maxillofacial diseases of patients from Beijing and even all over China. We are also responsible for the dental health care for the leaders in the Communist party and the government, retired cadres, diplomatic envoys of all countries settled in China, foreign experts and the countrymen residing abroad.The Stomatology Institute has 6 research rooms, 7 laboratories, 6 research centers, a medical-use zoo laboratory and library. Moreover, there is an engineering research center for Medical computer appliance affiliated to the Ministry of Health. The Chinese Stomatological association, National Committee for Oral Health and the China Oral Health Foundation are attached to our School. Since 1978, the Institute has obtained 203 fund supports including scientific funds, talent funds and supports acquired in international cooperation projects, and won 143 awards for science and technology advancement. The School of stomatology is the chairman unit or group leader of the 22 professional committees or 11 professional committees in the study groups of the Chinese Stomatology association. It is also the chief editor unit of the Chinese Journal of Stomatology, the Chinese Journal of Dental Research (English edition), the Chinese Journal of Further Stomatological Education, Journal of Modern Stomatology, and Chinese Journal of Orthodontics. The School of Stomatology is authorized by the WHO as the research and training center of preventive dentistry for WHO. State Drug Supervision and Administration Bureau has set up in the School a center responsible for the supervision and examination of dental materials in the country. The national office for the instructing group on the prevention and cure of dental diseases established in the School actively organize health popularization to realize the great goal of supplying everyone with health care services. Such activities include the annual national “Teeth-care Day” activity on 20th, September.The School emphasizes international cooperation and communication. It establishes friendly relations with over 30 oversea colleges of stomatology, on the basis of mutual interests and development. It has also hosted multiple large-scale international conferences and signed many a cooperation programs. It has now established companionship with Meikai University、Asahi University. Each year The School receives over 1000 person-times of foreign guests and has become an important window for the Country in the communication on stomatology. We are now striving to construct the world-class college of stomatology.