The Bee Museum of China

Tel Tel: 400-650-2953
Address Address: Beijing Botanic Garden, west of Sleeping Buddha Temple, Fragrant Mountain
Hours Hours:  8: 30-17: 00 (close on Monday)
Website Website:
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Business Overview
 The Bee Museum of China is located on the west side of the Botanical Gardens in the Fragrant Hills. It is a museum where you can learn all about bees and sample different types of honey.

At the sight of them, you will understand how bees relate to our life in culture and in history. Bee species in various sizes and extra-large wild honeycombs will tell you the biological characters of bees and the secrets of their living habits. 

You could also get access to the secrets of "round dance" and "waggle dance" of the bee and listen to the story of "killer bee". Little bees and their labor fruits contain endless knowledge. In the museum, an exhibition entitled "Bees are our friends" is put on all year around. The exhibition hall covers an area of 150 square meters which is devoted to three exhibition rooms where 506 pictures and charts are on display.