Dajue Temple

Tel Tel: 010-62456163
Address Address: Beianhe Village, Haidian District
Hours Hours:  08:00-17:00
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Business Overview
Dajue Temple, or the Temple of Enlightenment, stands at the foot of Yangtai Hill in Beijing's western suburbs. The rolling hills here are sometimes said to resemble a sleeping lion.Dajue Temple is best known for its Yulan trees, planted almost 300 years ago. The finest being the magnolias. It is said that a monk brought two of the specimens found in the southern courtyard from Sichuan during the Qianlong era, and one of them survives today. Another magnolia in the northern courtyard was transplanted about 100 years ago, and grows alongside a ginkgo tree.The ancient tree usually blossoms around the April 5 every year, during the traditional Chinese Everbright Festival. Recently some mountain villas were built near the temple to provide a dining, entertainment and accommodation service for visitors to the temple.The most convenient is Miaoling Villa, about 5 kilometers south of the temple. The villa itself is also worth a visit thanks to the vast area of Yulan, peach and pear blossoms, and the Buddhist culture apparent from its layout and decoration.