Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum

Tel Tel: 8610-64286845, 8610-64286835
Address Address: No. 11 East Road of the North Third Ring Road, Beijing
Hours Hours:  8: 30-11: 30, 13:30-16:30 Tuesday and Friday
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Business Overview
The whole name of the museum is Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum affiliated to Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.This museum was established in 1990. Mr. Shao Yifu from Hong Kong donated 3,000,000 Hong Kong dollars and the state allotted 2,500,000 Yuan for the museum's construction that was initiated in 1987.The museum is a modern building with total construction areas of 3160 square meters. It is divided into two exhibition halls: one for displaying traditional Chinese medicine samples and the other for exhibiting traditional Chinese medicine history. The former covers an area of 1500 square meters and the latter 800 square meters.The exhibition hall for traditional Chinese medicine history is rich in collection. Under the theme, there are about 1100 cultural relics, 200 medicine books with thread binding and 6000 journals and magazines in total. The exhibition hall for medicine samples displays on a large scale every aspect of the system of traditional Chinese medicine, and the comprehensive exhibition room is the major one that opens to the public at present, which offers a systemic introduction to the basic knowledge on traditional Chinese medicine.