The Cultural Palace of Nationalities

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Rated as one of the top ten architectures in 1950s, the exhibition hall houses over 40,000 cultural items and 5 display rooms with a coverage of 3,000 ㎡.In September 1994, the serial exhibition on China's minorities' traditional culturescostumes, musical instruments, arts and crafts was launched.

The exhibition is divided into three parts. The first part is about the ethnic costumes, differentiated by the long costumes and short costumes. The second part is about ethnic musical instruments. Ethnic minorities are usually good at singing and dancing. They have time-honored music history. Here you could see the deer whistles and flying dragon whistles used by the hunters of Ewenki nationality and Oroqen nationality and copper drums used by southern nationalities as well as the musical treasure of Uygur nationalitythe whole set of musical instruments for the performance of "Shi Er Mu Ka Mu". The third part is about arts and crafts. Chinese ethnic minorities are clever and deft. Their art crafts are colorful and exquisite.