Mei Lanfang Memorial Museum

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Address Address: No.9 Huguosi Street, Xicheng District
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Business Overview

Mei Lanfang is one of the four famous masters playing female characters in Beijing Opera. After Mei Lanfang passed away in 1961, a memorial museum was founded for him on a proposal by Premier Zhou Enlai.

The front yard of his former residence was converted into an exhibition area, display of pictures and artrifacts. The three north rooms in the back garden were kept intact, just as Mei lived there. The hardwood furniture, the pier-glass mirror he used for practicing, the dove whistle, and the other small items Mei Lanfang used throughout his lifetime, are all kept in the waiting room.

A painting entitled The Thirteen Best Performers during the Reigns of Tongzhi and Guangxu, by Shen Rongpu, a Qing-dynatsy artist, is hung on the west wall of the room. The inner chamber, connecting to the waiting room, served as the living room.

Mei Lanfang’s study in the west wing has been converted into an exhibition room of his achievements, and his bedroom in the east wing is now a small video theatre showcasing Mei’s superb performances.