National Arts and Crafts Museum

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Address Address: Fuxing Men Nei Dajie 101, East City District
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Hours Hours:  9:30-16:00
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Business Overview
 National Arts and Crafts Museum contains a variety of exhibits in different styles, from different disciplines and from different eras. The museum was first opened to the public in 1990, and the architecture emphasizes the complexity of both modern and traditional styles, also featuring a flower bud with minority feature as a flower bud, emphasizing minority traditions.?? 

The museum is divided into various different halls: preface hall, exhibition hall and treasures hall. The Preface hall, with its large-scale bronze relief sculpture presents the tradition and history of Chinese arts and crafts. The Exhibition hall houses many unique examples of Chinese arts and crafts including jade pieces, ivory carvings, wood and stone carvings, porcelain works, lacquer works, embroidery, fabrics, cloisonné, gold and silver articles. Finally, the treasures hall is an elegant palace displaying many rare examples of Chinese arts and crafts, including the unmissable four pieces of green emerald.