Shenzhen China International Travel Service Co., Ltd

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Address Address: China International Travel Service Building, 2 Chuanbu Jie, Luohu District, Shenzhen
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Business Overview

Founded in 1954, Shenzhen China International Travel Service Co., Ltd., originally Shenzhen China International Travel Service, is the earliest and biggest travel agency with the most multi-language and tourists in Shenzhen. Sin the year 1979, SCITS has received 20 million overseas tourists and organized 300,000 Chinese citizens to travel abroad. In the comparison of top 100 enterprises of "China Travel Agency and International Travel Agency”, SCITS won the award for many years. In "2000 China Top 100 International Travel Agencies”, SCITS ranked the 16th, and in 2001 ranked the 13th. In the comparison of Shenzhen Travel Bureau, SCITS was awarded four individual prizes.

SCITS is not only a traditional travel service company, but also a creator and disseminator of new travel culture and modern life style. Adhering to the concept of "Specialization, individuation and humanization”, SCITS has established several travel clubs for tour members and a lot of brand travel lines.

In the past 55 years, SCITS has changed from single business to complex business, covering inbound travel, domestic travel, outbound travel and other professional travel. SCITS has transformed itself successfully into a modern enterprise with distinguishing feature.