Shanghai Restaurants Association

Address Address: Room 712, Youyi Tower, 26 Sichuan Road (S), Huangpu District, Shanghai
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Business Overview

Founded in 1989, Shanghai Restaurants Association (SRA) is a cross-sector, trans-ownership and non-profit industry organization as legal person organized voluntarily by restaurant enterprises and institutions in Shanghai.


SRA currently has more than 1700 members. It is responsible for providing services to the members, protecting the legal rights and interests of the members, implementing the policies and regulations of the state, acting as a bridge between government and enterprises as well as between enterprises, and promoting the updated, sustainable and steady development of catering industry in Shanghai.


SRA is mainly committed to conducting survey, statistics and sorting of basic industry data, providing advice on industry planning, policy and legislation to related government departments, and participating in related activities; coordinating the relationships between members, between members and non-members within the industry, between members and businesses of other industries, and between consumers and other social organizations; organizing consultation service, personnel training, information exchange, exhibition promotion, and product promotion; conducting skill assessment, awarding technical titles, releasing industry information, providing public credibility certificate, making price coordination, verifying qualification for industry admittance and checking food sanitation, with the authorization by laws and regulations and assignment by government; organizing formulation and implementation of industry regulations, quality standard, service standard and product standard, conducting rating of enterprise, and organizing exchange and identification of product quality; strengthening the connection with domestic and international counterparts, and promoting economic and technological cooperation and exchange; undertaking other items authorized by laws and regulations, assigned by the government and stipulated by the articles of association.