Shanghai Seed and Nut Roasters Association

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Address Address: Room 706, 1538 Zhongshan Road (W), Xuhui District, Shanghai
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Business Overview

Shanghai Seed and Nut Roasters Association (SSNRA), founded in January 2003, is a cross-sector, trans-ownership and non-profit industry organization as legal person organized voluntarily by seed and nut roasters in Shanghai.


SSNRA currently has 55 members of various ownerships, composed of raw seeds and nuts supply, production, processing, distribution and related enterprise.


SSNRA's mission is to, in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and international practices, protect legal rights and interests of members, conduct study and supervision on market, supply and marketing, quality, standard and sanitation of roasted seeds and nuts, assist government in industry management; coordinate the relationships between enterprises of the same trade, enhance the connection to related industries, promote progress of roasting techniques; reflect the expectations and demands of the enterprises, assist government in industry management, act as a bridge between enterprise and government/society, and increase the core comprehensiveness of the industry.


SSNRA publishes China Roasted Seeds and Nuts (bimonthly) and Collection of Roasted Seeds and Nuts Information on a regular basis to provide a wide range of information to members; holds professional meetings from time to time, exchanges experience and discusses solutions; develops quality specifications and service standards of the industry; and participates in the formulation of related local or national product standards and market supervision.