Light Industry Machinery Trade Association of Shanghai

Tel Tel: 021-63815131, 021-63175131
Address Address: 2F, 235 Guangfu Road, Zhabei District Shanghai
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Business Overview

As a cross-sector, trans-ownership and non-profit industry organization as legal person, Light Industry Machinery Trade Association of Shanghai (SLIMTA) was established voluntarily by electromechanical, light industry, grain and oil, agriculture, chemical, education enterprises and institutions in Shanghai in August 1987.


SLIMTA currently has 56 members of various ownerships, with industry coverage of 60%. Through years of development, the members have shared over 70% of the total production capacity of light industry machinery in China, and about 75% of the total sales income of the industry.


SLIMTA's mission is to be responsible to the state, serve the members, unite the forces of the industry, bring the industry advantages into full play, report the expectations and demands of members, promote scientific and technological progress of the industry, facilitate mutual cooperation, and make more contributions to the development of Shanghai light industry machinery industry.


SLIMTA publishes Light Industry Machinery Newsletter (quarterly) to provide members with a wide range of information, and organizes various training and exchange activities.