Shanghai Installation Trade Association

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Business Overview
Shanghai Installation Trade Association (SITA), established in June 1988, is a cross-sector, trans-ownership and non-profit industry organization as legal person organized voluntarily by enterprises and institutions engaged in installation of lines, pipes and equipments, scientific research, design, parts manufacturing as well high schools in Shanghai. Currently, SITA has 150 members covering building, power, metallurgy, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, municipal utilities, terminal fairway and nuclear industries. The Secretariat is responsible for the daily works of SITA, and has five departments, namely, Office, Industry Development Department, Engineering Technology Department, Education & Training Department, and Information & Consulting Department. SITA's main functions include conducting industry training, technical consulting, information exchange as well as appraisal and promotion of quality installation works and products; making industry statistics, industry investigation, analysis and distribution of industry information; coordinating technology cooperation and development; involving the enterprises in exchanges and seminars on business management, construction technology, quality management, etc.; publishing industry publications; providing law services to members; holding workshops and academic Symposiums; communicating domestic and international installation technology information; and promoting economic and technological exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad.