Shanghai Concrete Industry Association

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Business Overview

Established in 1987, Shanghai Concrete Industry Association (SCIA) is a cross-sector, trans-ownership and non-profit industry organization as legal person organized voluntarily by enterprises and institutions engaged in design, production, manufacturing, construction, scientific research and education of concrete and related equipments and products in Shanghai.


SCIA currently has nearly 240 members of various ownerships, involving 91% of the concrete production enterprises, whose sales amount accounts for 97.23% of the total RMB 13.3 billion of the industry.


SCIA regularly reports the industry information to the government and proposes overall industry layout ideas for adjusting the industrial structure of the industry, optimizing the allocation of social resources, and forming a reasonable structure favorable to the development of the productivity of Shanghai concrete industry.


SCIA is involved in the basic situation survey and statistics of the industry, develops guild regulations for self-management of the industry, coordinates product prices, guides and supervises the implementation of the industry agreement prices, and guides the members to develop a fair, just and open market competition mechanism and self-discipline behaviors. It also participates in the formulation of technical standards and specifications, organizes technology exchange and cooperation at home and abroad, publishes Shanghai Concrete journal to provide information services to the members, actively handles the complaints for arrears within the concrete industry. SCIA has also established a Concrete Admixture Committee.