Shanghai Municipal Engineering Trade Association

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Business Overview

Established in Sep. 1989, Shanghai Municipal Engineering Trade Association (SMETA) is a cross-sector, trans-ownership and non-profit industry organization as legal person organized voluntarily by municipal engineering construction, maintenance and management enterprises and institutions in Shanghai.


Currently, SMETA has 500 members, 87% of which are enterprises, with broad industry coverage and representativeness. SMETA has 18 affiliate (representative) bodies including Civil Committee, Safety Committee, Quality Committee, Project Cost Committee, Education Committee, Law Committee, Municipal Maintenance Enterprise Committee, Pavement Material Enterprise Committee, Pudong Office and Minhang Office.


SMETA's mission is to abide by the Constitution, laws and regulations, comply with the social morality, and implement the guidelines and policies for municipal engineering construction and management; provide services to members, protect the legal rights and interests of the members, and ensure fair play within the industry; strengthen the connection between the members and government/society, and promote the development and prosperity of municipal engineering industry. SMETA follows the independence principle through self-management and self-financing.


SMETA regularly releases Quarterly Early-warning on Safety, Quality and Civilization of Municipal Engineering Construction and other specific information via its Shanghai Municipal Engineering journal and its website; provides consulting service to members; organizes assessment of new municipal engineering materials and technologies, application and popularization of scientific and technological achievements and the training for municipal engineering practitioners; conducts enterprise credit assessment, customer satisfaction evaluation, appraisal of the Golden Award for Municipal Engineering, and appraisal of Civilized Municipal Engineering Construction Sites and other appraisal activities; operates the Shanghai Trading Center for Municipal Facilities Maintenance Projects, assists the government in industry management, and strengthens the self-discipline of the industry.