Shanghai Information Security Trade Association

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Business Overview

Established in March 2003, Shanghai Information Security Trade Association (SISA) is a cross-sector, trans-ownership and non-profit industry organization as legal person organized voluntarily by information security product development, manufacturing, trading and service enterprises and institutions in Shanghai.

SISA currently has 56 members of various ownerships.


SISA's mission is to strictly abide by the Constitution, laws and regulations, implement the guidelines and policies of the state and Shanghai on the development of information security industry, and comply with social morality; protect the legal rights and interests of the members, and improve levels of technology, production, operation and management as well as economic benefits of the members; play an active role in industry management to enhance the overall quality and market competitiveness of the enterprises, and promote rapid and healthy development of Shanghai information security industry.


SISA's functions include consulting and intermediary services, investigation, exchange, cooperation, training, exhibition, publication, as well as other functions assigned by the government. SISA publishes the e-publication Shanghai Information Security News for members from time to time, organizes members to participate in exhibitions held in Shanghai, and organizes relevant members to participate in the development of national/local information security standards.