SHiNE Art Space

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Address Address: Block 2 No.18 Wuwei Road, Prtuo District, Shanghai, China
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Business Overview

Over the last twenty years the Chinese contemporary art scene has seen a succession of works that have been ever more diverse and complex in their style and form. This individuality has allowed Chinese art to quickly establish itself on the international scene becoming an innovative and inspirational force.

Since its conception in 2005, SHiNE Art Space (昇艺术空间) has provided a platform for avant garde Chinese contemporary art endeavoring to introduce the talent and potential of Chinese artists to a wider public. Shine trusts that in the gallery’s cooperation with artists and collectors we can further cultivate Chinese art and allow it to continue flourishing. The originality and diversity of Shine’s exhibitions have enabled the gallery to gain a firm standing within China whilst establishing an international reputation that is being continuously built upon.

The Chinese contemporary art scene has at last gained its fully deserved recognition and over the last few years, in addition to already celebrated artists we have seen the rise of a variety of newcomers whose diverse works have injected a new dose of passion into the Chinese art scene. In their efforts to express the turmoil and furious pace of modern China these artists have produced challenging vivacious artworks that clamor to be noticed. Shine Art Space has showcased many innovative art. The style and form of work exhibited at Shine may vary considerably but throughout it can be seen that we are “Challenging Traditional Visual Limits in Chinese Contemporary Art”. This we take to be our motto as we aim to continually source the finest of contemporary talents.

Our name, Shine Art Space encompasses two closely linked meanings. “Sheng in Chinese can be defined as both “shine” and “rise.” These terms reflect our aims to firstly, “shed light” on emerging Chinese artists, introducing them to collectors and the general public, and, secondly, to see these artists “rise” and come to light establishing themselves as an integral part of China’s rapidly growing art world.