Huili Japanese Restaurant

Tel Tel: 029-8526 1888
Address Address: 3F, Gongzhanguan, 1 Chang’an Beilu, Beilin District, Xi' an
Hours Hours:  10:00-22:00
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Business Overview

The most authentic Japanese restaurant, serves the most anthentic Japanese food with large serving. Both private room and tatami are available. Guests in private room could dial the ring on the wall to call for service, very convenient.

It is the most authentic Japan food restaurant in Xian with a history of 10 years there. Standard Japanese dishes are provided such as Japan style chafing dish (hot-pot), sushi (a kind of rice topped with vegetables) curry noodle with beef etc. In balcony there are tatami (a kind of Japanese straw mattress) and call button. The shopkeeper is always there and keeps smiling to his clients.