am art space

Tel Tel: +86-21-63842432
Address Address: 6 Xiangshan Lu, by Sinan Lu, Jingan District, Shanghai
上海市静安区香山路6号, 近思南路
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Hours Hours:  11:00-18:00
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Business Overview

The new location of am art space (上午艺术空间) is in Carter Apartment, the preserved historical building on Fengxian Rd, Jingan district. As the area was in England Concession of Shanghai, Carter Apartment was built in England style in 1920s. As the apartment is for senior polices for England Concession of Shanghai, it is one of the first modern apartments built with elevator in Shanghai.

With the concept of “white cube”, add moderate architectural details from 20’s Shanghai, the new location in basement of Carter Apartment makes am art space very different character from the previous one. The complex architectural construction, no windows in exhibition room, 90 years old handrail of staircase, the metal part of water pipe which is left on the white wall…… all of these interesting details lead you in an indistinct age world. The new space reduces the sweetness like a lady in Xiangshan villa, presents in neutral, calm and controlled in trying circumstances, as a gentleman.

We hope the activities of 2011 will bring you a fresh and strong am art space.