China National Silk Museum

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Address Address: 73-1 Yuhuang Shanlu,Shangcheng District, Hangzhou
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Business Overview

Renowned as the world’s largest Silk Museum, the China National Silk Museum was founded in February 1992. Positioned in East China's Zhejiang province, the museum is dedicated to the long and prestigious heritage of silk making in China.

China’s silk culture dates back more than 5,000 years. The China National Silk Museum, the first silk specialized museum in the country, boasts a total exhibition space of 50,000 square meters. Situated at the foot of Lianhua Peak of Yuhuang Mountain, this enchanting museum features a total of eight exhibition halls including the Relics Hall, Silkworm Hall, Prelude Hall, Folk Custom Hall, Silk Manufacturing Hall, Achievements Hall, Weaving Hall and Dying Hall.

Among the museum’s most prominent displays are three world-famous silk routes through desert, sea and land. The infinite range of exhibits also includes important facts on silk making and silk products from the different dynasties that once ruled the nation. As well as showcasing China’s silk manufacturing past, the museum also shows how silk products are being churned out in modern times. Several halls are devoted to providing visitors with demonstrations on how this immaculate work of art is created. At the Prelude Hall visitors can discover the beginnings of silk manufacturing. The hall also reveals how China is responsible for planting the first mulberry, breeding silkworm, reeling silk and ultimately manufacturing silk. And among the many priceless excavated silk articles housed at the Relics Hall is the oldest piece of silk found in the world.

Equipped with state of the art facilities, the China National Silk Museum is a fusion of tradition, tourism and trade. Among the many Hangzhou museums, the Silk Museum holds an immovable position due to its educational value for both adults and children alike.