Hangzhou Comic Art Theater

Tel Tel: 0571-8806 5625
Address Address: No. 12, Guxin Lu, Gongshu District, Hangzhou
Email Email: hzhj@hangzhouhuaji.com
Website Website: http://www.hangzhouhuaji.com/
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Business Overview
Hangzhou Comic Art Theater was established in October 1950. It has created and performed many influential modern plays and comedies. Locals and expats love to come to this theater for a bit of comic relief. Non-Chinese speaking travelers coming to the theater will have a double-joy watching the production as well as the audience's reaction. The theater is reputed for producing some of the best stories including "Don't Cry, Mum" (Ma Ma,Ni Bu Yao Ku) a story about the different results caused by different educational methods in two stereotypical Chinese families. The story symbolizes a social phenomenon, which makes people reflect on the absurdity of things that may consider menial, but have a great impact, and "Happy Family" (Huan Le Ren Jia), a wonderful story with a moral message on treatment of the elderly and family members.