Xi'an Concert Hall

Tel Tel: 029-8542 5658; 029-8542 5659
Address Address: Yannan Yilu, Qujiang New District, Xi'an
Email Email: xianch@163.com
Website Website: http://xianch.mypiao.com/
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Business Overview

Smart music enlightens.Elegant purple and crystal clear glass decorates the holy and exquisite music hall.Symphony hall under the stars and the sky,the romantic and pure indoor music hall and the passionate pop music hall play the gorgeous movement of the Xi’an Concert Hall jointly.

Xi’an Concert Hall is an international top-level music temple that can compete with the Beijing Grand Theatre and Shanghai Oriental Art Center. With an overall construction area close to 18000m², it is a professional place of music performance such as the symphony, folk music, light music and pop music and the biggest concert hall with a capacity of over 1300 audiences.

Its ancillary facilities include: commercial center for business negotiation and members reception, the digital recording studio that is composed of a big recording rooms, coffee house, red wine bar, VIP hall, a music instrument room that is stored with Germany Steinway and Italy Fazioli three-leg pianos and dozens of world famous pianos for the use of artists and the dressing room.