Shenzhen Fine Art Institute

Tel Tel: 0755-82414497
Address Address: Jinhu East Road,Yinhu Road,Shenzhen
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Business Overview
Shenzhen Fine Art Institute (深圳画院) is hosted by the government of a professional art research institute,was founded in 1987.As the reform and opening up in the city, the rapid development of economic construction and at the same time,Shenzhen Fine Art Institute adapt to the special needs of social development, make full use of the advantage of development of special zone economy, planning, design, construction, construction has become a modern, multi-functional art creation, research, communication facilities, in the hardware construction, hold contemporary Chinese art development direction, put forward innovative the academic topic, organized a series of creation and communication activities, and gradually formed a set of consistent with the spirit of reform management approach and mechanism of choose and employ persons.