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Business Overview

Chinese music has a long history and a profound tradition. In order to explore the refined traditions of Chinese music and to promote the development of Chinese music, in line with the proposal of Premier Zhou Enlai, the China Conservatory (中国音乐学院) was officially established on September 21, 1964. The China Conservatory is the highest learning institution in China, which is characterized by education and study in Chinese music and specializes in training talents in performing, making and researching the Chinese music. 

After decades of development, China Conservatory now has nine departments: Musicology, Composition, Chinese Instrumental Music, Vocal Music and Opera, Piano, Orchestra Instrument, Music Education, Conducting, and Art Management. In addition, there are Departments of Postgraduate Studies, Social Sciences, Adult Education, and the affiliated Music High School, thus forming a multi-layered and multi-system educational structure ranging from undergraduate, professional training, graduate programs to continual education.

China Conservatory recruits students annually throughout the country, and at the same time admits foreign students across from all over the world. Brilliant talents are selected and admitted into the Conservatory through strict examinations. The Conservatory provides students with first-class teaching facilities, such as multimedia studios for music creation, electronic facilities for computer composing, recording studios, Asia’s first ever “all-Steinway” piano institute, two hundred practicing rooms and three hundred pianos at the students’ disposal. All these form a sound basis for the quality of teaching.

China Conservatory has a strong faculty of more than 300 staffs, which includes more than 120 serving professors and associate professors. The faculty comprises both performing artists who enjoy good reputations and have long been active on stage, and famous composers, music theorists and educators. They have trained batch after batch excellent graduates in the past forty years. 

These bright musical talents graduated from the China Conservatory have played a very important part in various arts groups and institutions in China. Over the years, graduates from the China Conservatory have achieved good results and some of them on first or second prizes in important competitions at home and abroad, such as in Tchaikovsky International Vocal Music Competition, Mazurka International Vocal Music Competition, and Bulgier International Vocal Music Competition and so on, doing credit both to China Conservatory and to the nation as well.

To further the development of international exchange, the China Conservatory has established working relationships and exchange programs with music institutions in various areas and countries, including Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Britain, Austria, Sweden, and Australia. Each year, the Conservatory invites over ten scholars and musicians to give lectures and masterclasses, and regularly sends its own professors and students abroad to teach and perform. In 1993, the China Conservatory began to recruit foreign students who come to China to study. Since then, hundreds of foreign students from all over the world have been trained at the Conservatory. Through more than forty years of development, China Conservatory has not only consolidated its leading position in preserving and developing Chinese music, but also has become a bridge between China and the outside world which helps the other countries get to know Chinese music better and better in the new century.