Eon Bookstore

Tel Tel: 0755-23992112
Address Address: 1 F, Shenzhen Book City, Fuzhong Yilu, Futian District, Shenzhen
Email Email: eon@eonbooks.com.cn
Hours Hours:  10:00-22:00
Website Website: http://www.eonbooks.com.cn/
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Business Overview
Shenzhen’s largest and most complete original English language bookshop Yiwen Publishing House is located in the CBD in Futian District on the first floor (south area) of Shenzhen Book City (深圳书城) and is hands down the best stocked bookshop for foreign language books in the city. The bookstore is Shenzhen’s first bookshop to sell imported books and is also currently the largest such shop in Shenzhen. It mainly engages in original foreign editions and stocks many different types of books. Here, the book collection is quite complete, as you can find books about anything from life and art to economics, culture and fiction. You can also find famous people’s biographies here. All in all, Yiwen Publishing House stocks over 20,000 foreign books. Moreover, you can also purchase magazines from all over the world here. See if you can figure out their slogan: “small window, large world!”