Chaterhouse Booktrader

Tel Tel: 010-65871328
Address Address: The Place Shopping Center B1, The Place, 9 Guanghua Road (Dong Da Qiao Road), Chaoyang, Beijing
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Business Overview

Charterhouse Books is a speciality English bookstore that is privately owned and operated, with two branches in Beijing and two branches in Shanghai. Charterhouse carries only English language books and boasts a large selection of children’s books, including infant board books in addition to current English fiction and non-fiction, as well as recent magazines such as People, Vogue, Rolling Stone, Parenting and others. The store has new releases in stock every month or so and carries a wide variety of books, not simply bestsellers but various releases from different genres. Charterhouse pays particular attention to its Chinese section and carries a range of China-related books, often by local authors, which are not necessarily big releases but which might be of interest to those who devour anything and everything China-related. The children’s reading area, with a low table and several beanbags in the Chaoyang store at The Place, is also nice.

The one drawback to Charterhouse books is that the books cost roughly the same as they would back home, plus a surcharge for shipping. Expect books to generally range from 100 – 200 RMB for adult paperbacks. Obscure books usually cost more, as do heavier books (presumably due to heavier shipping costs). Children’s books tend to be slightly cheaper depending on the type of book. Expect infant board books cost 60 – 80 RMB apiece.Charterhouse books will also take orders for any book that is available on If you are not able to order your own books on Amazon then this is a very good choice. Ordering books does not cost any more than buying the books in the store and usually takes 4-6 weeks for delivery.