Green Antiques

Address Address: 4877 Jiasong Zhonglu, Qingpu District, Shanghai
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Business Overview

SHANGHAI GREEN ANTIQUES is China's largest and most spectacular antiques shop, with a truly amazing 100,000 sq.ft. showroom containing literally thousands of antique cabinets; interior and exterior courtyard doors; windows; carvings; tables; chairs; beds; wood and stone Buddhist, Taoist, Animist, and other statues; corbels, ceilings, beams and other architectural elements; ancestor portraits and Buddhist / Taoist paintings; ancient shrines, thrones and wedding palanquins; beautiful antique embroidery, purses and hats from many of the 56 minority tribes of China, and a fabulous collection of the small elegant pieces you need to finish any room, including boxes, baskets, chests, pots, vases and other items.

We have on hand in our shop today tens of thousands of Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty, Cultural Revolution and even much older items, each and every one lovingly hand-made by the best local artisans of the day, unique and special, and just waiting for a new home, office, shop, restaurant, temple, gallery, museum or lobby in which they can continue to be loved, cherished and appreciated.