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Business Overview
 CYUPS (中国青年政治学院) has long followed the educational principle that the university survives on its good qualities and thrives by its unique features. As a result of continuous endeavors and hard-working in around 20 years since CYUPS’ establishment, we have formed up a versatile education framework which includes undergraduate and graduate education, Chinese Language Learning for Foreign Students, continued education, and youth leader training. Currently we offer 13 undergraduate and 9 graduate programs. These degree programs fall into such 4 academic categories as Law, Economics, Management and Literature. 
CYUPS has built extensive relationship of cooperation and exchange with other universities and research institutions in countries such as the U.S., Great Britain, Russia, Germany, Canada, Japan, and South Korea. We also have implemented long-term cooperation with some international organizations, for example, U.N. Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, U.N. Children’s Fund, International Lobar Organization, and World Bank. 
It is our deep belief that the realization of CYUPS’ better future largely depends on the attention, assistance and support from our society, friends and partners from inland and abroad. 
We sincerely welcome everyone interested in exchange with and/or study at CYUPS! 

Thanks to intensive efforts in continuously promoting quality management and strategic expansion, our educational programs are built up in a rapid pace. CYUPS has proudly grown to be China’s largest training institution for high-ranking youth leaders and an important platform for cultivating public service professionals and conducting youth research.

The Twenty-first century will be an era of the rapid development for higher education. It is to our highest comfort that our graduates are well accepted by society for their attained knowledge, creativity and adaptability. We affirmatively believe that CYUPS will continue with its contributions to society through the sustained endeavors of our faculty and students.

We would sincerely like to invite young students, colleagues and friends from inland or abroad to our university for visit or for study.