China Institute of Industrial Relations

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Business Overview

China Institute of Industrial Relations (CIIR, 中国劳动关系学院) is a regular institution of higher education, which is affiliated to the All-China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU) and well-known for its concentration of teaching and research across a range of the social and management sciences, with its focus on courses on trade unionism, labour law, industrial relations, economic management and public administration.

CIIR has developed from the ACFTU Cadre School, which was established in Tianjin in 1946 and moved to Beijing in 1954. It was among the first of its kind to offer a course on labour economics and trained the first generation of labour economic professionals for the Chinese labour movement and labour administration. In 1984, it was renamed China Labour College (CLC). CLC has ever since provided adult degree education for trade unions and other sectors and aimed to become a top school for union leaders education, a research center for trade unionism, labour law and labour economics and the only institution of higher education for Chinese trade unions. With the approval of the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, CLC was transformed into a regular university in May 2003, with its name changed to China Institute of Industrial Relations, as part of its efforts to meet the needs of labour education and studies and union professionals in a market economy.

Our ultimate goal is to build CIIR into a regular university that has a major influence in the fields of industrial relations, public administration, labour law, labour and social security and social work in China.