Shenzhen Guangshen Certified Public Accountants

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Business Overview

In order to meet the needs for Chinese socialist market economy development and Shenzhen Special Zone construction, according to "Implementation Methods on the Reforms of the System of Shenzhen Certified Public Accountants" promulgated by Shenzhen Municipal People's Government and approved by Shenzhen Municipal Social Audit System Reform Leadership Group and Shenzhen Certified Public Accountants Association, the former Shenzhen Guangzhou Certified Public Accountants is transformed into Shenzhen Guangshen Certified Public Accountants running a business in partnership which is an independent legal entity.

Guangzhou Certified Public Accountants (established by Financial Department of Guangdong Province) set up Guangzhou Certified Public Accountants Shenzhen Branch in November 1982, and this Shenzhen Branch became the first special organization that engaged in financial and accounting evaluation business of Certified Public Accountants in Shenzhen, which is established to meet the demands for opening to the outside and introducing foreign capital. Approved by Shenzhen Certified Public Accountant Association and ratified by the Financial Department of Guangdong Province, Guangzhou Certified Public Accountants Shenzhen Branch has changed its name to Shenzhen Guangzhou Certified Public Accountants in August 1993 and again changed its structure system to Guangshen Certified Public Accountants according to the laws in December 1997, which has obtained the Business License for Certified Public Accountants issued by Shenzhen Municipal Financial Bureau.

In the past ten years, adhering to the principle of "Seeking Good Reputation by Quality, Seeking Development by Good Reputation", we operate strictly in accordance with related laws, regulations, contracts and Articles of Association, upholding the professional standards of "independent, just, objective and seeking the truth from facts", so that we protect the legal rights and interests of the State, clients and investors, thus winning the credit and good evaluation by clients and related organs.