Institute for Western Surgery

Tel Tel: 020-34728880
Address Address: Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Guangzhou University Town,Nei Huan Xi Road, Panyu District, Guangzhou
广州市番禺内环西路广州大学城 (在大学城南二路)广东省中医院大学城医院
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Hours Hours:  24 hours
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Business Overview

Are you nursing an injury that isn’t getting better on its own?

Have you been experiencing nagging back pain & want to avoid surgery?

Are you 50 or older?  Have you had a cancer screening? 

The best health care in the world is now available in Shanghai and Guangzhou.  The Institute for Western Surgery brings the world’s top surgical experts to China to see you.


The Institute operates in four convenient locations: Guangdong Provincial Hospital in “University City” & Ersha Island, Guangzhou, St. Michael Hospital in the Gubei District of Shanghai,  WorldPath Clinic International in Pudong, Shanghai and WA Optimum Health in Puxi, Shanghai.  The Institute combines the world’s leading surgeons with modern, luxurious facilities, state-of-the-art equipment, and cutting edge technology to deliver an outstanding health care experience withouthaving to settle for average health care or leave China for care. 

Now accepting appointments with our specialists are in Guangzhou (University City, Ersha Island & Zhujiang New town) and Shanghai (in both Puxi & Pudong).

The Institute’s medical staff is comprised of the best surgeons in the world. When they are not taking care of famous entertainers or professional sports teams in the United States or around the world, theyare coming to Shanghai and Guangzhou to treat patients and provide leading Chinese surgeons advanced training on the latest Western surgical techniques.  

Now you can be treated by the Institute’s world class doctors in Shanghai and Guangzhou without worrying about what kind of medical treatment you will receive being so far away from home. With access to the world's best surgeons in China, you can recover in your own bed and return to work in a matter of days rather than weeks.